Druid Human

Sure, here's a randomly generated character for your campaign:

Name: Arin Brightwater

Race: Human

Class: Druid

Background: Outlander

Personality Traits: Arin is fiercely independent and values their freedom above all else. They are deeply in tune with nature and feel most at home in the wilderness.

Ideal: Arin believes that nature is sacred and must be protected at all costs.

Bond: Arin is fiercely loyal to their animal companion, a young brown bear named Honey.

Flaw: Arin has a tendency to be overly aggressive when their animal companion is threatened.

Appearance: Arin is a tall, muscular human with dark brown hair and piercing green eyes. They wear simple leather clothing and carry a quarterstaff and a sling.

Backstory: Arin was born and raised in a small village deep in the forest. From a young age, they showed a natural talent for communing with the spirits of the wilderness. As they grew older, they began to feel increasingly restless, and eventually left their village to wander the woods and explore the natural world. Arin spent many years traveling alone, learning the ways of the forest and honing their druidic abilities. Along the way, they met and befriended a young brown bear, whom they named Honey. Together, Arin and Honey roam the wilds, protecting nature and defending those in need.

give me all his stats

Certainly! Here's a set of ability scores for your human druid character:

Note that these scores assume the standard array for ability scores, which is 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, and 8. The human's +1 to all ability scores has been added on top of this array.

what is in his inventory

As a starting character, this human druid would have standard equipment from the druid starting equipment list in the Player's Handbook, which includes:

Additionally, the character would have:

Note that the player can customize their character's inventory and equipment based on their preferences and backstory, but this is the standard starting equipment for a human druid.