Warlock Tiefling

Name: Ashara Shadowblade

Race: Tiefling

Class: Warlock

Background: Criminal

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Appearance: Ashara stands at 5'7" with a slender build, with fiery red skin and black hair that she keeps short and messy. Her eyes are a bright yellow that seems to glow in the dark. She wears studded leather armor and carries a dagger and hand crossbow at her side. Despite her fiendish appearance, Ashara has a natural charm and charisma that can be quite persuasive.

Backstory: Born to a human mother and a fiendish father, Ashara was always seen as an outcast in her community. Her fiendish heritage made her the target of ridicule and fear, and she soon turned to a life of crime to survive. It was during one of her heists that Ashara met a powerful fiend who offered her a deal: in exchange for her soul, he would grant her the power to take revenge on those who wronged her.

Without hesitation, Ashara accepted the deal and became a warlock, tapping into the fiend's power to cast devastating spells and manipulate those around her. She quickly rose through the ranks of the criminal underworld, using her charm and intelligence to become a powerful figure in her city.




Pact: Ashara made a pact with a powerful fiend, granting her access to dark magic and otherworldly power. The nature of the pact and the identity of the fiend is unknown.

Personality: Ashara is cunning and manipulative, always looking for an advantage in any situation. She is fiercely independent and has no qualms about betraying those who she sees as obstacles to her goals. Despite her evil nature, Ashara has a natural charisma and charm that can be quite alluring, making her a dangerous adversary to underestimate.