Fighter Dwarf

Name: Kethril Stonefist

Race: Dwarf

Class: Fighter

Level: 5

Background: Soldier

Ability Scores:




Kethril was born into a long line of dwarven fighters, and from a young age, he was trained in the art of battle. He grew up in the mountains, surrounded by his clan, and learned the value of loyalty, honor, and courage. Kethril quickly proved himself to be a natural fighter, with an unmatched strength and endurance that impressed his teachers.

As he grew older, Kethril decided to leave his home and explore the world beyond the mountains. He became a soldier, fighting in battles and wars across the land. His bravery and determination earned him the respect of his comrades and the fear of his enemies. Kethril's reputation as a fierce warrior grew, and many sought to challenge him in combat.

Despite his gruff exterior, Kethril has a soft spot for his fellow dwarves, and will go to great lengths to protect them. He has a particular fondness for ale and gambling, and often spends his downtime in taverns and inns, regaling anyone who will listen with tales of his exploits on the battlefield.